Roy Gill

Roy Gill has not only held a senior health and safety management post with a national construction organisation but has devoted considerable time and effort to developing and raising the profile of the Health and Safety Groups movement in the UK and developing their links with other key players in the UK health and safety system He first became involved in his local group (Bristol, now called the Avon Occupational Health and Safety Group) in the late 1970s.

He has represented his present employer as a member of the Birmingham Health, Safety and Environment Association since 1978, in which he has been both Hon. Vice Chairman and Hon. Chairman. Over the years Roy has served on many committees of both groups.

He has been the association’s representative on the National Health and Safety Groups Council since 1994 and served as its Hon. Vice Chairman for three years (1996 to 1999). Roy’s commitment to the council’s work continues unabated as a member of the management committee.

Awarded the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents Distinguished Service Award.