Professor Sayeed Khan

Professor Sayeed Khan has made an influential contribution to the improvement of occupational health. Starting work as a machinist in a small engineering works in South Wales, he went on to qualify and practise as a GP. Further training saw him studying occupational medicine at Nottingham University and in 2002 he was made a Fellow of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine (FoM) of the Royal College of Physicians for his contributions to the specialty.

After 10 years working with Rolls Royce, Sayeed became the first chief medical adviser at the Engineering Employers’ Federation (EEF), the manufacturers’ organisation, where his roles involve delivery of the occupational health strategy, including initiatives on stress management, return to work/absence management and rehabilitation. He also advises regional associations and their members on access to occupational health support services.

In 2005 he was appointed as an HSC commissioner with the task of representing the views of the major occupational health, safety and occupational hygiene professional bodies in the UK.

Sayeed is on the British Occupational Health Research Foundation/ FOM Scientific Committee, the NHS Plus evidence-based medicine guidelines advisory group, the Department of Health sickness absence certification project advisory board and, prior to his appointment to the HSC, he was a member of the Continuous Improvement Programme Action Group (Securing Health Together).

Awarded the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents Distinguished Service Award.