Doug Russell

For more than twenty years Doug Russell has played an influential part in raising health and safety standards for workers, particularly in the retail sector.

He began his involvement in health and safety in 1974 when he helped advise workers about chemical hazards. After a period with the Workers’ Educational Association, he joined the Union of Shop Distributive and Allied Workers in 1986 as their national health and safety officer, providing information and advice to its members.

In addition to developing USDAW’s advisory and support services he has served on numerous working parties connected with the retail, chemical and food sectors – as well as on several Health and Safety Commission advisory committees.

Doug has also been a long-serving and consistent member of the TUC Health and Safety Specialists Group and he has had a significant influence at international level, representing both his union and the TUC in various committees and working groups at European level. He is an editorial board member of Occupational Health Review and is on the board of Greater Manchester Hazards Centre.

Awarded the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents Distinguished Service Award.