Industry Sectors

As can be seen from the information in the Timeline and Brief History, various industries have emerged – and some have died over the last two hundred years or so.

It is interesting how the role of technology has shaped our world of occupational safety and health – with the subsequent emergence of new pieces of legislation, e.g. machine guarding and also how research has vastly improved our knowledge of the many hazards associated with some of the newer industries – e.g. nanotechnology.

David Eves’ Two steps forward, one step back: A brief history of the origins, development and implementation of health and safety law in the United Kingdom, 1802–2014 also narrates the various political influences and the effects on the many industries.

What is impressive is the knowledge that each industry sector has developed over the years and the resulting guidance and advice that has been produced and shared with other industry sectors.

Over the years machinery developments and ways of manufacturing has resulted in many redundant pieces of equipment that can now be seen in various industry Museums.

David Mattey’s History of Occupational Safety and Health in Agriculture charts the development of the Agricultural Inspectorate.

For current guidance and advice please look at the Health and Safety Executive’s website A-Z list of industry sectors

More information will be obtained from the industry sectors and added to this website. Anyone who has any industry histories, papers or documents are kindly requested to send them to Sheila Pantry